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Department of Dean of Students


About the Department

The Dean of Students coordinates the activities of student accommodation and is responsible for the welfare and discipline of students in the University. Apart from the Halls of Residence, each of which is governed by a Warden, other sections overseen by the Dean's office include sports and recreation, chapels and mosques, students’ guild and the counselling centre.

Services Offered

The Dean of Students caters for student welfare in three main areas: University Halls of Residence, where in conjunction with the Wardens ensures that appropriate accommodation facilities and good catering services are provided to students; Recreation and Games - the Department in liaison with the Sports and Recreation staff organizes competitions and sports activities for students; and the Spiritual Centers, where one Imam and two Christian Chaplains within the main campus provide the Spiritual Services. The Dean of Students also gives oversight to the Students' Guild, the Student governing body. The elections of the Guild President, Guild Representative Council (GRC) and the SCR leadership are organised by the Dean of students' office and the Halls of residence are voting centers.

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