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Faculty of Business Administration and Management


About the Faculty

CORE PURPOSE: Our vision is to promote social justice, sustainability and good governance in the management of private, public and voluntary organisations through our research and education.

MISSION: Our mission is to: conduct high quality research addressing the most challenging and pressing issues in business and government; do problem-driven research bridging disciplinary and methodological boundaries; personalise our business education around the values of social justice, sustainability and good governance, and inspire our students to be self-reflective and pursue those values throughout their lives; and engage with those in all three sectors to create knowledge in service of our key values.

AIMS: Our aims in pursuit of this vision and mission are, in line with the strategic aims, to:

  • *Create and disseminate high quality, challenging research in the business and management field;

  • *Achieve impact from our academic work through engaging with people in all three sectors;

  • * Educate our students in ways which prepare them for life and work, and support their search for employment, and which draw on our research and innovative approaches to learning;

  • *Strengthen further our unique contribution as an international business institution, one of the most internationally and socially diverse localities in the world, by bringing international research expertise to local problems, and preparing students to work in diverse workplaces;

  • *Be a good citizen within the academic community through working closely with other Faculties and organisational units to promote collaborative educational initiatives, joint degree programmes, collaborative research programmes and centres, engagement and entrepreneurial activities;

  • * Develop a community of staff committed to our vision and mission and able to research, teach and support at the highest level; and

  • *Ensure that the Faculty has the financial strength to support its work through a balanced portfolio of educational programmes, research and other revenue-generating activities.

Faculty Contact

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Website: www.asul.ac.ug/business.html