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Department of Academic Registrar


About the Department

The Department of Academic Registrar provides registration services that support the mission of the University by providing a full range of academic records and policy services for a constituency made up of students, faculty, staff, institutional leadership and external agencies. The Department also creates and maintains accurate academic records, information and provide enrollment services necessary for students to attain their educational goals.

The Department also assists the academic units in the development, documentation, dissemination and implementation of curriculum, course offerings, and academic policies and procedures. The office controls Academic Units where teaching takes place. These are are called Faculties, Schools or Institutes and are headed by Deans. Each Faculty, School or Institute has an Administrator (at various ranks) who is a representative of the Academic Registrar.

Services Offered

To plan and coordinate curriculum development for all programmes and courses taught at the university.

To direct the implementation of regulations governing students admission requirements for all programmes, ensuring that all students admitted to the various courses in the University have the required qualifications.

To coordinate the implementation of all academic policies and procedure approved by Council.

To direct the safe custody of all documents and data relating to admissions, examinations and academic results.

To oversee the preparation of timetables for teaching and examinations in different Faculties.

To coordinate timely preparation and setting of examinations.

To direct compliance with approved schedules for setting and marking examinations and release of result.

To coordinate the marking of examinations and making arrangements to source for external examiners

To oversee mechanism to ensure that there is no examination leakages

To coordinate and ensure that the senate approves all results before they are released.

To maintain a data bank of all results for the University students

To organise and coordinate the University Alumni.

To provide Secretariat services to the Senate.

To organise and coordinate graduation ceremonies graduate, undergraduate and Certificate students.

To appraise performance of staff in the department.

To monitor and advise the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic Affairs) in cases of academic impropriety that may include fraud, dishonorable or scandalous cases for action by the Senate

Department Contact

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Email: [email protected]
Website: www.asul.ac.ug/ar.html