2020/2021 ACADEMlC YEAR

  Fresher's Orientations Saturday :13th August 2020 to Friday: 19th August 2020 (7 days )

  Semester One: Saturday: 20th August 2020 to Saturday 17th December 2020 (17 weeks)

  Semester One Holiday Break: Saturday: 17th December 2020 to Friday 27th January 2021 (6 weeks)

  Semester Two: Saturday: 28th January 2021 to Saturday 27th May 2021 (17 weeks )

  Recess Term Saturday: 27th May 2021 to Saturday : 5th August 2021 (10 weeks )


Welcome to All Saints University, the region's premier and largest private institution of Higher Education.

This manual is meant to help you settle into your new home as quickly and as seamlessly as possible. In here you find Useful Information meant to guide your stay on a whole range of matters relating to policy as well as services like accommodation, health care and security.

You will also get acquainted with the University Leadership and the Student Guild. To help model you into an all-round citizen, the Sports and Recreation department is on hand to help you tap into those hidden talents as well as get introduced to sports like ring tennis and woodball.

Please see the downloads below for your copy of the latest Joining InstASULctions.

Enjoy your stay!

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