Public Relations

The Public Relations Office, headed by the Senior Public Relations Officer, is responsible for ensuring that the University and its activities, achievements and awards are communicated appropriately to both the internal and external publics.

The Office handles Communication and Marketing activities, which include:


  •   University Function management
  •   Marketing and Branding
  •   Media liaison
  •   Online communication services
  •   Internal communication
  •   Research and Information Services



This Office is responsible for managing University Corporate events especially those hosted by the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor.

The most notable of these is the annual Graduation ceremony, presided over by the Chancellor with the emceeing function handled by the Senior Public Relations Officer.


Research & Information

The Public Relations Office is responsible for the publication of University corporate information which includes The Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor's speeches for Graduation ceremonies and any other public functions, Graduation Newsletters, a quarterly ASUL News university magazine among others.



The Office is also responsible for marketing the University's Corporate image to both the internal and external publics.

Some of these activities include; Promoting the University at events e.g. exhibitions, conferences alongside the use of promotional materials such as brochures, fliers, calendars, plaques and other mementos


Brand management

Other areas the office provides guidance are:

  •   Production of banners(pull-up and other), publishing of brochures, posters, leaflets and other promotional materials for information drives
  •   Media and Online promotion of upcoming university events
  •   Appropriate use of the University logo both online and on branded promotional material


Online Services

The Public Relations Office provides content management support for the university domain

Roles with regard to online services include:

  •   Ensuring that content production guidelines are adheared to
  •   Design and Website reviews for completed websites
  •   Maintaining a consistent, corporate, unique online identity with use of University colors, logo placements
  •   Search Engine Optimization working together with DICTS
  •   Support for email queries through the official pro[at] email


Contact Information

Senior Public Relations Officer
Ms. Ritah Nami


Assistant Communications Officer
Ms. Marion Alina
Email: comm[at]


Branding & Marketing Officer
Mr. Agaba Issa Mugabo
Email: iagaba[at]


Web Manager
Mr. Wamai Mark
Email: mwamai[at]

Web Administrator
Mr. Elias Chol
Email: eliast[at]



Public Relations Office

All Saints University Lango

Plot No. 666 & 723, 3 K South, Lira City

P.O.Box 441

Lira, Uganda.

Tel: +256 779399341

Email:  pro(at)