Research and Publications

Directorate of Research (DOR)

The Directorate of Research was established in All Saints University to give both graduate students and supervisors a sense of belonging to a meaningful scholarly community; Co-ordinate and Administer all research; Advise on research priorities geared to the fulfillment of National Development professional objectives; Work as an outreach providing a link or bridge between the University and the World of work in identifying research and courses that are relevant to the needs of industry, commerce, and professions etc.


A leader in research and graduate training in the region


To coordinate, monitor and provide an enabling environment for quality training, innovative research and communication of the research outputs; to foster and manage training and research in the university units by promoting cutting edge innovative, impact-oriented research and centres of excellence to meet the changing needs of society and for sustainable development


Government Collaborations & Partnerships

As a premier private university in Uganda, All Saints University partners with the Government of Uganda, mainly through the line Ministries and other autonomous/semi-autonomous agencies. All Saints University aims to be one of the leading trainer of Human Resources for the Government of Uganda serving in the Judiciary, Legislature and Cabinet arms of government.


All Saints University has developed a focused research agenda that is multi-disciplinarity and draws on the University's vast expertise.

Research proposals that focus on a specific problem that may cut across several disciplines are given priority in funding.

On the basis of the National Government plan, the University selected a handful of themes and cross cutting areas that make up the University's Research Agenda. the Research Agenda themes are as follows:

  Research into ICT for Development (ICT4D)

  Research into Education for Development

  Food, Nutrition and Value Addition

  Sustainable Environment Development

  Good Governance, Equity (including gender ) Service Delivery

  Natural Resources Utilization and Conservation

Cross-cutting research activities include the following areas:

  Appropriate Technology


  Methodological Studies

  Staff Development


The University is always seeking to increase its investment in research, recognising that pertinent and applicable research is critical to the development needs of the country.

Research funds come from a variety of sources.

Sources of research funding include:

  The Church of Uganda (Lango Diocese)

  The University contributes 4% of its income through internally generated funds from the Faculties

  Contributions from undergraduate students

  Bilateral funds from development partners.


A variety of research projects are taking place or planned across the University. In the following section, we highlight some of them. Support of Capacity Building for Research All Saints University with support from partners will undertake several research projects in the Faculty of Social Sciences, Computing, Education and Health Sciences. The key focus of support will be on research supervision in the various areas as outlined below:

Faculty of Natural and Health Sciences

Focus of support was on utilization of urban market crop waste on crop/livestock production system in the region. The following projects will be supported:   Livestock nutrition and husbandry project

  Urban crop waste soil fertility inputs in urban and peri- urban Agricultural systems

  Integrated pest management following use of crop-wastes

  Social- economic implications of market waste utilization in urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture

  Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS

  Mental Health

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

Focus of support will be on

  Consolidating Peace and Development in the Sudans and its Environments: The National and Local responses to Transformation from Turmoil to a more sustainable development process.

  Uganda's Foreign Policy in the Security Complexes in the Region from 1986

  Agricultural Liberalisation, Gender Relations and Livelihood patterns in Uganda

  Gender vulnerability to HIV/AIDS and changes in risk behaviour

  Faculty capacity building Fund

  Conflict and Post conflict reconciliation in Uganda

  Public Policy, changing Gender Relations, Ideologies and Identities in Uganda

  The Political economy of Disease in the context of conflict


The following research areas will be supported:

  Sustainable energy for rural development

  Water quality management and pollution control in Uganda

  Integration of small renewable energy sources

  Geographical Information System database for Uganda


All Saints University is exploring different ways to dessiminate the variety of research taking place at the University. The University is currently piloting two research publications outlets:

  All Saints University Research Repository spearheaded by the University Library provides a collection of scientific research publications.

  Research Management and Coordination System which will provide a collection of intellectual and scholarly output