University Council

The University Council is currently headed by ........ and is the supreme organ of the University, responsible for the overall administration. The Council ensures due implementation of the objectives and functions of the University established in accordance with the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act, and has five committees, namely:

  Finance and General Purpose Committee

  Planning and Development Committee

  Estates and Works Committee

  Appointments Board

  Students' Welfare and Disciplinary Committee

The University Senate

The Senate is the chief academic organ of the University. The following members constitute the Senate:

  The Vice-Chancellor (Chairman);

  The Deputy Vice-Chancellor;

  Deans and Directors of Colleges as may be established within the University;

  Representatives of the affiliated and constituent colleges or Colleges, namely: the Principal; the Chairperson of the Academic Board; and a representative of the Academic staff;

  A number of professors and associate professors of the University that the University Council determines, which includes at least one professor or associate professor from each faculty or College elected by the academic staff of the faculty or College;

  The University Librarian, Bursar, Dean of Students and Secretary;

  A number of the Non-Academic staff that the University Council determines, which is elected by the Non-Academic staff;

  Two students of the University to be elected by the students in accordance with the Students Union Procedure; and

   three persons who are capable of contributing to the academic and social development of the University, appointed by the Minister from the public.

University Chanchelor

The Chancellor is the titular head of the University. He presides at all ceremonial assemblies of All Saints University and in this name, confers degrees and other academic titles and distinctions. The Chancellor is appointed by the President on the recommendation of the University Council.

University Vice Chanchelor

The current Vice Chancellor is Prof. Andrew Anthony Cula. The Vice Chancellor is assisted in the delivery of his duties by a Personal Assistant (PA). The PA helps the Vice Chancellor meet his objectives and targets by effectively planning his schedule and travels both within and outside the country. The PA is assisted by an Administrative Assistant and a Secretary.

The Public Relations Office and International Relations Office both fall under the Office of the Vice Chancellor.

The Public Relations Office is responsible for ensuring that the University and its activities, achievements and awards are communicated appropriately to both the internal and external publics

The International Relations Office office is responsible for coordinating all international related matters, as conducted in the different units. The Office also coordinates admissions and welfare for all International students

University Deputy Vice Chanchelor

The DVC is responsible for overseeing programmes and policies that promote academic excellence in the University;

   Ensuring quality of academic programmes.


  Overseeing the proper planning and coordination of undergraduate and postgraduate academic programmes.


   Coordination of curriculum development.


  Ensuring optimal utilization of teaching, research and library facilities.


  Oversees the finances and administration of the University. In this respect, the DVC is squarely responsible for the planning, budgeting and development of the university.


  The DVC also monitors the Institutes/Colleges, the Faculty of Graduate Studies, the University Library, and the Department of the Academic Registrar.