Faculty of Law

ASUL Law embodies the forward thinking and mindful practice that define Uganda and the Region.

A part of All Saints University , we benefit from the reputation of this historic, flagship private university. 

The highly-ranked law College in East Africa, ASUL Law is the leading private law College in Uganda, and the top law College in the region.

We are one of THE FEW law Colleges nationwide with 3 top-ranked specialty programs: Legal Research and Writing, Appropriate Dispute Resolution, and Environmental and Natural Resources Law.

Our graduates aims to be employed everywhere: law firms and judgeships, corporations and nonprofits, local and federal government, in education, and human services.

We believe that people with training in law and conflict resolution can make the world a better place. We know the education we offer is transformational, a powerful tool to achieve success, wherever our graduates' passion takes them.

We are disciplined, have a strong work ethic, and thrive on the collaboration, care, and creativity that makes Uganda Law unique. Most importantly, we are resourceful, enthusiastic, and friendly—and we call this lawPOSITIVE.

We are shaped by the extraordinary landscape that surrounds us, and live in an ideal climate between River Nile and the Opposite mountain ranges. Our home inspires us to be our best: healthy, sharp, happy, ready to learn, and to be lawPOSITIVE in all we do.

Our graduates benefit from more than our reputation and huge network of alumni around the nation and the world; they are ready to work—equipped with real-world knowledge and experience.


Programs Offered

Our Faculty of Law offers several degree programs. Discover the one that's right for you.

  Bachelor of Law

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact the department with any questions or concerns at the following addresses and numbers:

Faculty of Law
All Saints University Lango
Plot No. 666 & 723, 3 K South, Lira City
P.O.Box 441
Lira, Uganda.
Telephone: +256 392 94 08 68
Fax: 301-687-4694

Administrative Contact: ...........
Email: [email protected]