Faculties and DEPARTMENTS


Faculty of Business and Management




  • Bachelor in Business Administration and Management
  • Diploma in Business Administration and Management
  • Certficate in Business Administration and Management


Bachelor in Information and Communication Technology


2) Diploma in Information and Commuication Technology


3) Certificate in Information and Communication Technology


Faculty of Education  


  • 1)The Department of Social Sciences & Arts Education
  • 2)The Department of Science, Technology & Vocational Education (DSTVE)
  • 3) The Department of Foundations & Curriculum Studies (DFCS)

4) The Department of Distance and Lifelong Learning (SoDLL)


Faculty of NATURAL AND Health Sciences


Vision: "To be a center for academic and health service excellence."


Mission: "We are dedicated to improving the health of the people of Uganda and beyond and promoting health equity by providing quality education, research and health services. We achieve this by enhancing capacity and participation of stakeholders; strengthening systems and partnerships; and harnessing the power of new sciences and technology so as to build and sustain excellence and relevance"

The College comprises of four Faculties including



1) The Faculty of Physical Sciences


  • Department of Physics.
  • Department of Chemistry.
  • Department of Geology and Petroleum Studies.
  • Department of Mathematics.


2) The of Biological Sciences


  • Department of Biology.
  • Department of Biochemistry and Sports Science.


3) The Faculty of Public Health


  • Department of Health Policy & Management
  • Department of Epidemic & Biostatistics
  • Department of Community Health & Behavioral Sciences
  • Department of Disease Control & Environmental Health


Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


 1) The Faculty of Liberal and Performing Arts


  • The Department of Philosophy & Development Studies.
  • The Department of Religion and Peace Studies.
  • The Department of History, Archaeology & Organizational Studies


2) The Faculty of Women and Gender Studies


3) The Faculty of Languages, Literature and Communication


  • The Department of Literature
  • The Department of Linguistics, English Language Studies & Communication Skills
  • The Department of European and Oriental Languages
  • The Department of African Languages
  • The Department of Journalism and Communication
  • The Department of Journalism and Communication
  • Centres - Centre for Language and Communication Services


4) Faculty of Psychology


  • The Department of Mental Health and Community Psychology
  • The Department of Educational, Organizational and Social Psychology


5) The Facultyof Social Sciences


  • The Department of Sociology & Anthropology
  • The Department of Social Work and Social Administration
  • The Department of Political Science and Public Administration


The Faculty of Law

  • The Department of Law and JurispASULdence
  • The Department of Public Law
  • The Department of Commercial Law
  • The Department of Environmental Law
  • The Department of Human Rights and Peace Centre