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Mission, Vision

Our Vision
To be a center of excellence in the provision of programmatic and quality higher education responsive to sustainable development needs of the society.
Our Mission
To provide quality teaching, innovative research and outreach to instill moral values for the development needs of the rural and urban communities.
University Objectives
i). To train the learners to be innovative through research by providing them with reading materials such as newspapers, journals, novels, textbooks and ICT resources.
ii). To link All Saints University and role models to inspire students to exploit their talents for a better future.
iii). To inculcate into learners the sense of belonging and responsibility to help them become more patriotic and environmentally sensitive.
iv). To instill high level of discipline and spiritual enrichment into students that will guide them even after school.
v). To develop leadership skills in both students and staff so as to address leadership challenges in Uganda.
vi). To encourage and promote adult education so as to revive hope in the less privileged educated adults

Community Outreach

Leadership & Community Placement
ICT Awareness for Police & Business Community

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